Suzuki Sensei Manga with Live-Action Adaptation

Kenzi Taketomi’s manga already received a TV series adaptation where Hiroki Hasegawa took and did pretty well the lead role. He will be re turning as the protagonist again in the new live-action movie.

The original story by Kenzi Taketomi follows the homonymous Suzuki-sensei as he works and at the same time tried to solve the numerous problems and conflicts of his students. Charming, influential and reasonable, the teacher is who can change the views and ways of the youngsters in order to make them real, prospective human being, part of the society.

Except for the returning main actor, the team will also include director Hayato Kawai (directed the first episode of the series) and screenwriter Ryota Kosawa (written the same first episode as well as Phone Call to the Bar).

The exact date for the premiere of the movie is unknown, but it is promised that it will happen before the end of 2012.



Source: Comic Natalie

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