Kanojo wa Uso wo Ai Shisugiteru Manga Gets Film

Kanojo wa Uso wo Ai Shisugiteru is a romance manga by Kotomi Aoki. According to the latest issue of Shogakukan’s Cheese! magazine, the love-centred work is going to have an own movie adaptation. Unfortunately, the information is too little – we don’t even know if it’s going to be a live-action or animation!

The manga, which has been published in Cheese! magazine since 2009, tells the story of Aki Ogasawara and his job as the composer and music creator for the popular band Crude Play. Although winning about a million euros and having his work at the top of the charts, he prefers to show himself in public rather as an unemployed, not studying and.. free as a whole. Meeting Riko Koeda, though being a good attempt to create something outside of the music business, shows him that the power of his songs is stronger. She is a huge, extremely vivid fan of Crude Play’s music.

 Source: Anime News Network

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