Hiiro no Kakera’s Cast Expanded

Additional cast roles have been announced for the upcoming anime adaptation of Idea Factory’s Hiiro no Kakera otome romance game. The TV series that is supposedly coming out this April, already had some cast listed, but now the list is expanded with more seiyuu. Here is the full list of the cast we have:

    Marie Miyake to play Tamaki Kasuga

    Kousuke Okano to play Mahiro Atori

    Tomokazu Sugita to play Takuma Onizaki

    Daisuke Hirakawa to play Suguru Oumi

    Daisuke Namikawa to play Yuuichi Komura

    Hiroki Shimowada to play Shinji Inukai

    Tamie Kubota to play Shizuki Ugaya

    Suzuko Mimori to play Kiyono Takara

    Hiroki Yto playumoto to play Eins

    Yoshihisa Kawahara to play Zwei

    Youji Ueda to play Drei

    Sayaka Ohara to play Vier

    Rikako Yamaguchi to play O-chan

    Chihiro Aokawa (returning) to play Mitsuru Kotokura

    Yoshikazu Nagano (returning) to play Masataka Ashiya

    Kazunori Nomiya to play mysterious boy

The story is a typical otome one – a girl in a strange situation, getting to meet various boys and men who help her in one way or another. Actually, it is about Tamaki Kasuga, who gets to live with her maternal grandmothe rin the mountains. Being in an unfamiliar palce, she decides to take a look around, but instead of finding picturesque gardens and/or lakes, she encounters some strange and scary creatures. Saved by one of the five guardians of Tamayohime – Takuma Onizaki.

Source: Anime News Network

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10 thoughts on “Hiiro no Kakera’s Cast Expanded

  1. Actually Naoyuki Onda (the character designer) did some of my favourite shows, visually-wise. ‘Ganz’ and ‘Ergo Proxy’, as well as the notorious ‘Legend of the Galactic Heroes’, so… If it wasn’t romance, I would’ve definitely watch it ;)

    1. Yes…. it’s sad that the mean who once did “Legend of the Galactic Heroes” is now doing this. Good luck to him, though.

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