665,000 euro Donated for Japan Earthquake Relief

Bump of chicken is a  Japanese rock band with a lot of followers and admirers. I just think the number will go way up after it become known that they have donated 70 million Japanese yen (about 665,000 euro) to the Japanese Red Cross Society’s relief campaign.

All the money earned from their 20th studio single “Smile” until February 10th are meant for the Higashi Nihon Daishinsai relief campaign.

The single itself was created to promote the new art series by mangaka Takehiko Inoue (Vagabond) that were created as a way to help people and communities that were struck by the devastating earthquake and following tsunami on March 11. VizMedia released the illustrations for iOS and is also giving all proceedings for the Quake Relief.

Source: Official Announcement

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11 thoughts on “665,000 euro Donated for Japan Earthquake Relief

  1. Haven’t heard of them, so went to do a search. Came up with this Engrish trivia:

    About the name of “BUMP OF CHICKEN”
    They have organized the band when they were in the junior high school, so it was where this funny name came from. They wanted to mean “The coward’s attack” as their band name, but they did not know how to say that sentence in English properly. They have used “chicken” instead of “coward”, and “BUMP” instead of “attack”.


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