Love Live! Idol Project Gets Own Anime (Video)

Lantis are getting on their way to anime greatness with this new show that is centred around Lantis’ music idol group μ’s. As idolm@ster had quite the success and achieved a good amount of love from the fans, this will surely be a hit when it comes to moe and idol appreciators.

The show is going to bear a definite resemblance to the last idol anime series, but unlike idolm@ster, which got quite the stick for unreasonable or entirely lacking plot, this one sounds like it will actually have one.

The Otonokizaka Academy is on the verge of destruction as number of students as well as other negative factors are ruining it’s good name. In order to stop this and return the academy to its high popularity and level, nine girls team up and make a musical band. Their aim is to promote Otonokizaka Academy through music and through their talent, turning around the minds of higher-ups and bringing more young people to enroll in it.

Sunrise is already involved in the franchise, but there has been no announcement of their official participation in either production or animation of the upcoming animated project. Actually, the original Love Live! School Idol Project was developed by Lantis, Sunrise and ASCII Media Works’ Dengeki G Magazine.

Source: Official Announcement

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9 thoughts on “Love Live! Idol Project Gets Own Anime (Video)

    1. Great thought, man. I wish they were investing money from those to discover and promote another “Code Geass”, “Death Note”, “Legend of the Galactic Heroes” or “Hellsing”.

      But they’re just prolonging the pain…

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