New Queen’s Blade: Rebellion Character Revealed (Video)

It has started – the chain of character profiles presented to us thorough the official YouTube channel of  Media Factory is just getting a good hold of us! The third such video has just been released online. It is about Shigi from Queen’s Blade: Rebellion.

Shigi is a definite beauty and a charmer, but when it comes to action – she can be quite cruel as we see from this preview. She is voiced by Yu Kobayashi and as a blood-thirsty inquisitor from the Church, she would love to get rid of all the people who oppose her lord. This includes Annelotte, the upcoming project’s main character.

Source: Official Website

Is this great news or not-so-great? What do you think? Comment below.

6 thoughts on “New Queen’s Blade: Rebellion Character Revealed (Video)

  1. You serious? I think that even though the lady character is pretty, she’s part of the awful image we get because of anime. I really wish that production disappears, but I know it won’t

    1. Not everyone takes everything as seriously as you do, Lulubel-chan. : ) People watch ecchi and moe and so on because they find it fun one way or another and you cannot argue that most anime fans are fans of such shows. I am certain you, as a female otaku, are quite different from the lot, but you need to be nice to the fans of Queen’s Blade. They not such a small amount.

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