From up on Poppy Hill to be Shown at Anima Festival

Anima Festival is a yearly Belgian Film Fest that is entirely focused on animation movies and continues for ten days. This year, the schedule is looking East. The first night will be an Asian blast, if we can call it so. More specifically – the Asian animation makers from China, Korea, Japan and other well-known countries in the otaku world. It will open with a screening of Studio Ghibli’s award-winning From up on Poppy Hill.

The original story behind Goro Miyazaki’s animated movie is created by Chizuru Takahashi and Testurou Sayama and tell us the coming-of-age story of Umi Matsuzaka. We get to see how her father-deprived life turns into a fight against community, time and hate as she waves around a signal flag to wish a safe travel to all the men who are leaving the safety of the lands in order to go to sea; as she comes to face the Olympic committee in order to stop it from demolishing an old club house at a high school in her town where a lot of history and memories are stored; as she finds love in the face of a boy that has always looked at he morning routine and smiled at the flags, that is even involved in the Olympic question.

The Anima Festival starts this February 17 in Flagey, Brussels.

Source: Reuters

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