Funimation Channel Dropped by Verizon

The North American telecommunication broadcaster Verizon has dropped the channel of Funimtion entertainment, stating that the reason behind this action is the low viewership that is no longer sufficient for the price they are paying to provide the access of their subscribers to the anime distributor’s shows.

Those who are subscribed to FiOS (Verizon’s service in question) will no longer be able to watch the channel. I am certain that no matter how few they are, Funimation Channel will be missed by a fine number of people.

The date of the final show is said to be March 15, 2012 (or around that date, since the information is unclear).

We appreciate the outpouring of support from the FUNimation Channel nation regarding this sudden notice. After learning of Verizon FiOS TV’s decision, we are discussing our options to maintain FUNimation Channel‘s presence on their platform. We promise to keep our legion of fans posted through our website and social media pages and encourage our fans to call Verizon FiOS TV to voice their opinion.

Funimation’s shows will still be available through other local services including but not limited to Charter, Xfinity and AT&T U-Verse.

Source: Anime News Network

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17 thoughts on “Funimation Channel Dropped by Verizon

  1. OmG !!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!! PLEASE THIS IS LIKE THE ONLY RESON I WATCH T.V JUST FOR THIS!!! so many people love Fumamation please dont go *crys in emo corner*

  2. Wow I just found out about the supposed cancellation & have to say I’m extremely disappointed with Verizon. Also I don’t believe their reason for having made this ludacris decision & expect a reversal very shortly. It’s true what they say “If you want something done you have to do yourself!” So contact Verizon now! WE ALL HAVE A PART TO PLAY!!!

    1. This post… I am happy to hear people are so passionate! I am with you on this, Jd! They shouldn’t cancel the opportunity of people to watch anime on FCh like this. Also, I haven’t seen statistics of the number of people watching the channel, but judging by the comments here, I would say the claims are losing their reliability.

  3. I really hope the decision is reversed. I love funimation. They were sponsors at Otakon last summer in Baltimore. Funimation has a lot more followers than Verizon realizes. I have kids that are into anime as well. Funimation is the ONLY 24/7 anime station in the US. I know I will cancel Verizon if that station is removed. No point in not getting cheaper cable.

    1. That’s just what I wanted to hear – the actual people’s opinion on this. I was certain there would be many who will suffer damages to either time, finances or at least their good mood because of this.

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