Queen’s Blade: Rebellion Second Character Profile (Video)

A second and third characters have been released on the official website of Queen’s Blade: Rebellion. It presents us Vante the elf-humanoid automaton who is said to have been built by the mother of the other character – Huit. Huit, on the other hand, is a passionate alchemist and has always had Vante’s support and protection. She is also an old friend of the protagonist – Annelotte.

Huit-chan is voiced by Minori Chihara (Ikki Tousen’s Ekitoku Chouhu, Seikon no Quazer’s Teresa Beria) while Vante is voiced by Yukiko Takaguchi (The Wallflower’s Sunako Nakahara).

There is no official release date announced for this project, but we know that it will happen in April.

Source: Official Queen’s Blade Rebellion Website

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