Studio Ghibli Against Destruction with a Meaningful Image

Neppuu is Studio Ghibli’s monthly issue that always has something to tell the world. If not about new projects by the artists that compose the team of professionals within the studio, then at least about their position and opinion on various topics. This month’s issue is focused on the destructive power of the Nuclear power, worldwide demonstrations on various topics and more.

Protection of the children, of the future, of the life on Earth – this is what everyone who is protesting out there on the streets and squares is fighting for. This is what the Neppuu issue is currently discussing too.

Having already stated his position in an anti-nuclear demonstration of opinion after the events on March 11, director Hayao Miyazaki is definitely one of the most famous people who are there for the planet. Yohei Takamatsu, another Ghibli director, is also taking part in the making of this statement-filled Neppuu edition, having created the cover illustration.

The world’s stock market, nuclear plants, history of protests and demonstrations in the world and the popular members of Ghibli’s own personal thoughts on all of this – this is a summary of what will be the main topic in this February issue of the magazine.

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6 thoughts on “Studio Ghibli Against Destruction with a Meaningful Image

  1. I’ve always appreciated when, no matter the hype at the moment, people choose their causes. I will proudly buy a couple of those issues…if I manage to. :)

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