Queen’s Blade: Rebellion First Character Presented (Video)

Queen’s Blade: Rebellion is definitely something that the otaku are waiting with intense feelings and streams of sweat. Today, the official website began streaming a promo video, presenting the main character in this new series. Her name is Annelotte and she definitely is a pretty strong josei.

The story is happening four years after the end of the first plot and is all about this woman named Annelotte.  She will be played by Aya Endo whose voice is also the one behind the characters Arisa Kuhooin in Guilty Crown, Macross Frontier’s Sheryl Nome and Neo Angelique Abyss’s Angelique.

Directing is in the hands of Yousei Morino. He doesn’t appear in many shown, but has directed Boku no Sexual Harassment and and Kakyuusei.

Source: YouTube

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