One Piece: Pirate Warriors with Over Half a Million Pre-Orders

Yes, that’s right, you read exactly what I wrote – the new instalment of the One Piece franchise – the PlayStation 3 One Piece: Pirate Warriors (Kaizoku Musou) game has already sold over 500,000 copies half a month before actually beaing released on the market.

Having followed through the entire event of announcement, promo videos and convention news about this game, I feel as a very proud part of the huge media campaign of One Piece: Kaizoku Musou (Pirate Warriors).

The news of this mesmerizing number of pre-orders has been celebrated with style (and a pretty cosplay of Boa Hancock by the SDN48 idol Serina) during an official press event held this Monday, February 13 in Japan.

The game will be officially released on March 1st, 2012. The ordinary pack will cost 8,190 Japanese Yen (equalling to about 81 euro) and the Special Treasure Box Edition will cost 12,390 Japanese Yen (about 122 euro) and will include a designs and visual art book, 15 pin badges and the OST CD. There will also be a third edition, which will be bundled with a Play Station 3 console and will cost you the mere 38,170 Japanese Yen (about 376 euro). ‘Mere’ because it will be a custom console in gold with the lead character from the show on the top, drawn in white.

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8 thoughts on “One Piece: Pirate Warriors with Over Half a Million Pre-Orders

  1. one piece just OWNS. the amount of manga it sells in japan is insane. if it wasnt for a major of failure in the development of it outside of japan, people should realize how much it destroys naurto and bleach.

      1. Well, Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes’s overall sales are close to One Piece’s pre-orders. so – you win in a way ;)

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