Manga UK Lists Dates for Kuroshitsuji Season 2 and OVA

The British anime distributor Manga Entertainment has announced dates for the release of Kuroshitsuji’s second season and the spinoff side-story OVA: Ciel in Wonderland. This is going to be a happy summer for the British folk.

July is the month in which both Kuroshitsuji (Bleack Butler) Season 2 and Kuroshitsuji II: Ciel in Wonderland will be released on the UK market.

As you might find it easy to think what will happen in the odd version of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, I have an urge to tell you some things about the second season of the main show. First of all, it is not in the manga. The story inside is absolutely original and the two main characters that appear there are purely thought-of by the animation staff. We get to the second thing I’d like to tell you, if you’re not into cheesy-looking almost shotacon pervy boys with a sadistic liking and attitude – it’s not for you. As Ciel and Sebastian can be cute and smart, Alois and Claude are the same, but differently (in a bad way according to me, a lot of other otaku who had seen the show. Additionally and as far as I know, we will never get back to the manga in this anime which is sad, but reasonable and expected.

Source: MangaUK Twit

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