Rumours Were True: Bleach Is Ending; Final Arc The “Thousand Year Blood War” Came

The final arc of one of the biggest manga in history (looked at from financial and age point of views, not my personal opinion) has started. Just like the rumours said, the “Thousand Year Blood War” will be the  last challenge for Kurosaki Ichigo, Orihime Inoue, Sado/Chad and the Gotei 13.

The final arc was announced in this week’s chapter 480 of Bleach. After its three-week break, this one sure returns with a bang!

The Quincy are murdering hollows everywhere, risking the balance between the spiritual and the material worlds. Ichigo Kurosaki is a person the Gotei doesn’t want to occupy with its members’ job anymore. New faces arrive at the scene and old ones return. Will the Thousand Year Blood War be something we will see now in this newest and final arc or was it something we are going to see from recollections of the Soul Reapers? What is the King doing and will we finally get the chance to meet him? Where is everyone’s loyalty lying at this very moment?

I hope that the answers to these questions come before the manga ends, because I personally will be very angry at Kubo-sensei if they don’t. However, if I have to be honest, this news makes me quite happy because what I liked in Bleach was nowhere to be seen in the last hundreds of pages. It was a nice read, though, even if not as good as in the start. Also, I would be happy to hear your ideas of what would replace Bleachon the market and in your free time!

Is this great news or not-so-great? What do you think? Comment below.

71 thoughts on “Rumours Were True: Bleach Is Ending; Final Arc The “Thousand Year Blood War” Came

    1. The manga is still ongoing. Even if we’re still in the dark about several things, including Orihime-chan’s abilities, there is still time. I hope Tite Kubo-sensei is aware that everything in the Fullbringer arc wasjust not enough for many of the viewers/readers.

  1. I just wish the final arc will get animated aswell. Going out with a bang. I only became since a year hooked to anime (better late then never). Bleach is by far one of my favorite anime. I still have to start reading the whole manga though… Probably not that much diffrent from the anime though?

    1. Thank you for sharing! I would definitely like to see more shinigami action haha.
      Well, the anime has many filler acrs, which makes it different, but there are even more differences.

      You should try both – an advice.

  2. Okay, a lot of new material is out (I think…) will they give the show a second chance or not? I am still waiting for some news, especially since Fairy Tail’s return was announced… >.>

  3. I personally would just love to see Kisuke Urahara in action. I mean the guy is very mysterious and seems like he has a interesting past.

      1. His Bankai is one of the big mysteries in the series. Keep on reading the manga and you will surely find it out, not to mention Kisuke is currently in the peak position!

  4. am i the only one who’s noticed ichigo is nearly every race?
    -soul reaper
    – fullbringer (past occupation)
    that is pretty amzing that he is nearly almost every race

    1. Actually he gets 2 zanpaktuo one for his hollow powers and another for his Quincy powers
      I’m sure that he will lead all soul reapers in the end

  5. Hi, im Josh & have been reading Bleach from the beginning just like all of us have. Anyway, first of all I agree with Hirako Nakama, all U people know how 2 do is complain if U don’t like don’t read it, it’s as simple as that…! Next thing is Ichigo’s Mom was not a Hollow she was a Quincy…! 0_o Duh…!!!!! U can find that info in
    Wiki – Pedia…! And this Final Arc might be AWESOME…! if U give it a chance & Naruto was supposed 2 finish, but it hasn’t yet but I know it will soon, so maybe Bleach has what? Maybe a year left…! And Bleach might end up telling us all the stuff we still haven’t found out about…! Oh, Man…! Bleach & Naruto are my 2 favorite Manga/Anime don’t know what im going 2 do when they finish, but things have 2 end sometimes…! ^_^ Well soon all of U well know my name Joshua Rodriguez, remember it because I well be the best Manga/Anime Artist U have ever seen, (^_^)
    “Yeah! You Better Believe It”…!

    1. Hello, Joshua-chan!
      I am really happy that after so much time has passed since the posting of this article, the manga still calls out for such incredibly positive feelings!

      I really hope that Bleach, as well as every manga story from Japan that is nearing its end, will manage to end well and leaving something positive inside the minds and hearts of otaku that are reading it.

  6. What about the Story behind his Father ( he s wearing a Captain’s Cape ) so was he a captain in the gotei 13 ? or what is it exactely ? & what about his mother WAs she a Soul reaper to ??

  7. I hope Kubo will reveal the past of ichigo and why he is so badass strong and half-hollow and so on. In the Aizen-arc Aizen seemed to know something, because he said that he watched Ichigo since he was little because of…well, what? At this point ichigos father appeared and we never got to know what he was trying to say. Probably ichigos mother was actually a Hollow (thats what I think. ;) )and since his father was/is a Shinigami he is a perfect mix of both, that would explain, why he is so badass strong. And if I am right, does that mean, that Karin is also half-hollow? …

  8. Unahana’s Bankai is the flying stingray like creature. I forget what it’s called, but it and she are fairly powerful. I think if we ever find out what Zaraki’s bankai is, we’ll discover that he gradually evolved his bankai and it’s never shut off the way we think that his and ichigo’s shikai are never off.

    1. Are you certain of this Bankai information? As far as I know, it hasn’t been released yet. Might you be mistaking the captain with someone else? (Unohana)

      1. No I agree with him/her. I remember during the Gotei 13 Invading Army arc , I saw Unohana fighting someone with her Bankai.

    1. That’s a good thing – advising us what to use as a substitute. I always want to read what others think of the shows that come every season. Please, do feel free to mention what do you think relates SAO with Bleach? After all, many people like different things and relating specific characteristics would help a lot. Thanks!

  9. I don?t think that the series will stop beucase there are so many things that we haven?t seen. like how ichigos dad became a soulreaper and beucase aizen wasn?t killed I think that he will find a way to escape the prision and take his revange on the soulreapers again. and why haven?t we seen zangetsu now that ichigo has his powers back. does that mean that ichigos power haven?t return, that he is just borrowing the powers that he has and that it will disapear again

    1. That’s what it said. I, personally, believe Kibo Tite should have solved at least one issue or given an answer to at least one of the questions we have been asking for ages (yours included) instead of starting an arc about an absolutely new issue – Quincy versus Shinigami, the new Bankai we saw just this last chapter and why would Yamamoto-kun call everyone else but himself and Kurosaki-chan lower class (since he said only him, whose power is constantly chaining, and Ichigo who has a long way to reach perfection, are untouchable, hinting that every other Captain is lacking tremendously).

  10. what about ichigo’s father’s past.yuo did’t mentioned,if he was a capton or a shinigami sub.if he was cap so why he left seirite.please dont end this like this.

  11. As a fan of bleach n soul reaper kurosaki ichigo this arc sounds interesting n this time i want to see every captains bankai such as kyoraku, ukitake,the royal guards, kenpachi zaraki, unohana etc….i am eager to see there fight

    1. they established back in the arrancar arc that kenpachi zaraki has no bankai because he killed the captain while the swaord was already in shikai form and never tried understand his zanpakto

  12. i hope this last arcs episodes come soon. I also hope that kubo will ichigo and rukia fall in love. that would be great..

      1. no he won’t die alone i dont think that would make bleach any nicer. i don’t think its dumb, its better then orihime falling in love with him

      2. But Orihime is already in love with him. There is no denying that. It also looks as though Renji is in love with Rukia. They were chlidhood friends all the way into adulthood so they have a strong connection for sure. I can’t see Ichigo getting with anybody though. For some reason it feels like in the end when everything is said and done, Ichigo will still be alone. But I guess we need to read and see!:P

  13. thanks to head captain yamamoto for acknowledging ichigo and giving him back his shinigami powers but i want to see the boss(ichigo) in the royal domain maybe some unknown bloodline kind a thing or some kind a conspiracy kind a thing to bring down the royal family something like the lourichia bakouto saga something something

  14. it would be nice to see ichigo hold some seat of power in the sereitei or even ascend that and go into the royal domain of the soul society

  15. one piece will for another 5-10 years. naruto is clearly ending (thankfully lol), toriko and fairy tail will take naruto and bleach’s place in the “top three”. kubo needs bleach to regrasp some MEANING. the espada got wasted, aizen got sealed. the next “big bad” is a group of quincy and arrancar? the label of the “thousand year blood war” made me think QUINCYS REVENGE AGAINST SOUL REAPERS. a bunch of high powered quincy show up and just start wiping out captain class soul reapers. then a major time skip happens. then we go from there. but clearly NO ONE will die and we will see a shikai skill beat the strongest enemy again LOLLLLLLL. kubo lacks balls. im not asking to kill ichigo, but head captain or ukitake would make the story seem legit at least. starrk never “evaporated” (thats the only way a character actually dies in bleach) i.e. tosen, ulquiorra, barragan, zomarui, etc. sooooo grimmjow, halibel, etc who we know are alive. sooooooo the espada that survived come back. so who side they on? forced to fight as slaves for the new big bad? lol. or run away like nel and work with the soul reapers? the arc has the making to be bad ass (which bleach needs bad) but it can also fail like the aizen arc did.

  16. To answer some of your questions, look at this website: (No spoilers, just wild guesses)

    Many of the subplots the writers opened up are mentioned here, and I know Tite Kubo hasn’t forgotten about them, he’ll end them all in this last arc.

    Another rumour, though the anime has supposedly ended, it’s possible they’ll do the last arc when it’s finished, which some think will be in two years time, seeing as it involves nearly every character in the story, and has to tie up all the loose ends.

    Whether or not you liked Bleach (I did), there’s no denying this last arc will massively raise the bar for other series.

    Hope I helped ;)

  17. we have to at the very least see rukia reach bankai as she is one of the first characters in the whole series. i am very sad to see it go nothing could fill the gap this will leave in my hart :.(..

  18. I really hope they fight someone besides the Quincy. That is stupid since they are friends. Ishida and his father have never been power hungry and are both friends with Shinigami like Ichigo and his dad. Makes no sense.

    1. I am also wishing that these were just half of the facts, but I am really starting to dislike the fact that with every new arc there is a new type of superhuman ability that the enemy has and the arc ends when Ichigo achieves the power in one way or another. I feel the need of consistency in this story, but we’ll see…

  19. All below me: stop your complaining! If you don’t like it – don’t read. No one is making you. I am sad for the end of this manga, because I don’t see anything else that would replace it for me. Yes, it had its downfalls and rise ups, like everything else. I can’t see why everyone should badmouth it as much.

  20. I don’t see any good Shounen lately. Will be tough to fill in the gap.
    Nothing looks to exist as long, since all new shows end after a season… Beelzebub and Reborn! are probably the most likely candidates, even though not new.

  21. It actually sounds like a Filler Arc. Sorry to say that, but didn’t they solve that issue when Ichigo and Ishida met 300+ episodes ago?

  22. I love Bleach don’t get me wrong.
    But, not only was the hollow arc’s ending really shit, the whole Lost Badge arc was pointless. So hopefully Kubo has fixed his work up and ends the Bleach Anime/Manga with something we will all remember as great!

    1. You have a point there. :) But still, I wouldn’t want this series to end! Come on! I haven’t even seen the bankai of all the captains! Why oh why can’t this series be like Naruto or One Piece that goes on forever???? T___T

      1. I also miss having more Gotei and Spiritual world stuff going on. I though we will get to see how Zaraki Kenpachi’s attitude changes and he finds a way to be crude and a bankai user at the same way, but it seems like it is a dream for me that won’t get realized.

      2. I miss the captains…Seireitei – the best part of Bleach.
        On another note – One Piece and Naruto are about to end soon too… ;)

      3. I don’t know about One Piece, I didn’t want to start it until it was over, but instead of waiting for this I started watching the anime… Taking it slow, so that I have a shounen to follow. Reading Naruto, I feel it is ending soon too. I am wondering if there will be a big shounen after they end. There will be a huge gap and Toriko! can’t fill it in.

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