Saint Seiya Returns!

Yes, your eyes are okay – you see fine. I just said that Saint Seiya is returning to the small screen! The new show will be entitled Saint Seiya Omega and will begin April 1, 2012. It will be unique with new characters, new adventures and entirely different style.. or at least that’s what the news say!

The name of this series’ main character is Kouga. He is a 13-year-old boy. He is the Saint of the Pegasus Constellation, bearing the free spirit and determination, this young rebel can bring every enemy on their knees. The Goddess Athena (Saori Kido) is playing the role of the motherly figure for Kouga, bu her appearance is rather traumatizing at the end becasue she is kidnapped from Kouga’s life by Mars, the god of war, as a supporting act for his New World Order plans. Kouga has to fight back and keep the balance. There are several other characters that will appear on the adventures of this new Saint, too. Yuna, Eden and Haruto are just a few to name.

In the first episode we see the very beginning of Kouga’s existence in the world of the Constellational order and how his own life was saved by none other but the Gold Saint Seiya.

Source: Oricon

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