Genshiken: Second Season to Be Published in North America

The USA branch of Kodansha Publishing is announcing that the rights over Genshiken: Second Season have been acquired for the region. The manga, which continues the tale of the otaku from the first series, will appear on the North American market September 04,2012.

Some background: Genshiken is the story of an otaku high school club and their members. There is love, hate and a bit of comedy as a girl is dragged into the craziness of her friends and slowly but surely is starting to take a liking towards all things otaku, including the people themselves.

Just a bit earlier than the first volume’s release is set the date for the Omnibus of the original series in May.

Source: Crunchyroll

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4 thoughts on “Genshiken: Second Season to Be Published in North America

  1. It’s quite a test, since I believe it’s typical Japanese humour… Since it’s season 2, I believe it already answered the likeability question ;)

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