Jewelpet Gets Fourth Season, First Movie

The mahou shoujo story Jewelpet, originally a toy line by Sanrio and Sega, has already achieved great success with its previous three TV anime instalments and various merchandise items.Cuteness overload is awaiting everyone who wants to watch this.

The main plot of the frfanchise revolve around the sweet, soft and cute animals that live in Jewlland and their owners – the magicians. The pets themselves being magically able due to the jewel-eyes, are working together with their magical human owners to save the world… or something like this.

The movie will come out in Japan this August 11 and will be entitled Gekijou-ban Jewelpet Sweets Dance Princess. The action will happen within the territories of the country of Sweetsland, found right next to the main character’s native Jewelland. While cerebrating the birthday of the princess, the protagonists witness the falling of a mysterious object from the skies – a Sweetspet boy.

Source: Anime News Network

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4 thoughts on “Jewelpet Gets Fourth Season, First Movie

  1. Hmmm…wonder who will go see it at the movies? Small children, young teen girls…? Probably that’s the target. Don’t think it would be good enough for a theatre outside of Japan.

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