Happy Anniversary, Naruto: The Anime!

This year the first instalment of the television anime series Naruto (the chibi ones, yes) is having a birthday.. not just any birthday (because they are yearly), but an anniversary! Yes, 10 whole years have passed since these first episodes of Naruto and Sasuke’s first meeting with the otaku from around the world. Much has changed and much more will. A special event will be available for this special occasion.

Lagunasia will be opening  a special Naruto theme park for the anniversary! The entire name of the place will be “Naruto: Memories of Chakra in Lagunasia” and will host several special scenes from the time Naruto Uzumaki went on his ninja journey to the beginning of the War. “Hokage Monuent”, “Konohagakure Village Ninjutsu Dojo”, “Ninpoudo”, “Hokage Palace” and unique interactive activities such as the “Sharingan Stamp Rally” are just a few of the attractions.

This special part of Lagunasia will be open March 17-September 2, 2012.

Naturally, I will give my all to make a sweet cake out of my site for the true anniversary coming this October. Until then, I hope that everyone has everything they wished for!

Source: Comic Natalie (I want to say that my translation of the text is not professional and I accept all educated corrections you can give me)

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