Today’s North American Licenses of Anime

I didn’t know how to put these new titles that will be available for the North American market, so instead of several small news, I decided to make this into a combined news article. I hope no one would mind. Click below to see who licensed The Book of Bantorra and Occult Academy.

Sentai Filmworks is working hard these few days, licensing all around the anime world. The newest titles they have announced is (Tatakau Shihou) The Book of Bantorra. The television anime is originally produced by Shueisha and David Production and tells the world the story of one great war over a ‘library’, the beautiful librarian and a boy named Colio who was sent as a bomb with human mechanism to destroy it all. The 27-episodes show based on the original story by Ishio Yamagata will be released later this year online and on a bilingual DVD for home video.

The other new North American license news come from NIS America and their newly acquired rights over Occult Academy. The show is about… an academy. However, it is a really unique one where all is possible, making this supernatural mystery-anime a great pass-time for the fans of its dark humour. The original story is creation by A-1 Pictures and Hiroyuki Kitakubo as a part of the Anime no Chikara (The Power of Anime) project of TV Tokyo and Aniplex.

The Occult Academy Blu-ray Disc set with all 13 episodes will be available on March 08 and will bundle an artbook with nearly 40 pages of original works by the team, special production designs and an Occult Encyclopedia.

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