New Bleach Arc Hinted at in Shounen Jump

A new arc is coming up when Bleach returns from its long hiatus. Although there is barely any information on this new item, Shounen Jumo is once more stealing the headlights from everybody else.

Will this new chapter in the history of manga turn out to be something really good or will it just bring forth the end of Bleach? Will Tite Kubo manage to make things better with just Bleach or will he try to , once more, bring up new characters and special abilities for Ichigo Kurosaki? Will this really be the last arc or will the production continue if it’s a good one? What will happen with all the knots and twists that were lost before the Fullbringer arc?

All there questions are the ones I personally ask myself when reading the hint posted in the magazine. What about you? Do you think Bleach will be over after this arc or do you think it is a scam? Will you miss Bleach when it’s over, whenever that is?

Source: Crunchyroll

Is this great news or not-so-great? What do you think? Comment below.

10 thoughts on “New Bleach Arc Hinted at in Shounen Jump

  1. What about his origins. They keep hinting/teasing about how he came to be who he is. How did his Dad conceive? Are we gonna see anything related to the King or the King’s Guard?

    1. I have no idea, but I suppose that the hint we got about this “king” at the very end of the Arrancar arc is either absolutely forgotten by Tite Kubo or will be developed as a topic in the real last arc. If this is really it – in this one.

  2. definitely, the quality has gone down over the last arc, the vital thing missing is that bleach’s main character, ichigo doesn’t have a definite long term dream, like OP for OP, or demon king for beelzbub, bleh if they keep this up, the series will definitely end for good

    1. You are very correct. In the first two seasons (the Save Rukia Arc) he has the aim to save Rukia form the fate. In the next one (Arrancar Arc) he needs to find the strength inside of him to be the only one who can match the Espada with both Hollow and Shinigami powers. Now.. .there seems to be nothing, but he needed to get his shinigami powers back, maybe this was the Fullbringer theme. What will be the next one? No idea.

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