Weekly Shounen Jump Alpha – The Beginning

VizMedia’s new online version of its probably most popular edition – Shounen Jump – is finally here. Yes, January 30th is the birthday of the beginning of the end of printed manga for the North American fans. One  Piece, Naruto, Toriko and Bleach are just some of the titles included in the first issue of Shounen Jump Alpha.

For just $0.99 the users from North America (includes USA and Canada) can get their electronic hands on the newest chapters of all the biggest titles in the world of manga. Moreover, the new chapters are just a couple of weeks behind the original Japanese prints. Shounen Jump Alpha is the ultimate provider of digital manga for the future. Being VizMedia, there is no reason for the subscribers to not feast upon all the best quality and highest readability. Hopefully, the translation will not be bad too.

The yearly subscription is 25.99$ and it comes with the occasional Yu-Gi-Oh! card and supposedly other special gifts for the fans.

In this first issue, there is a special interview with none other than Masashi Kishimoto – the mangaka of Naruto!

Source: Japanator    VizMedia’s SHounen Jump Alpha

Is this great news or not-so-great? What do you think? Comment below.

5 thoughts on “Weekly Shounen Jump Alpha – The Beginning

  1. I don’t know. Sounds a bit fishy to me… If the biggest manga magazine fails to sell and switches to digital, what’s left for the smaller ones?

    Would definitely subscribe, though. It’s an easy way to read manga.

  2. There’s something wrong with a manga that never got to be on paper. Sorry, I sill don’t get it. Maybe the ‘pleasing sales’ are just a show…

    1. Of course. Digital is the King now – less expenses, easier to get… The fact that there’s not going to be a print copy saddens me too.

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