One Piece’s New Movie: in Detail

A preliminary outline of the upcoming One Piece movie has been released. The instalment of the franchise, as we already know (or at least whoever is interested), will be telling the canon New World Arc.

The story we will see will be about piracy, battles and a lot of treasures… who am I lying to? We all know this, what we don’t know is that a guy named Z will be Luffy’s enemy and he will be the strongest up until now. No Crocodile, no Black beard are told to match him. Eiichiro Oda’s character will fight once more for everything he has, but will he win? Naturally! (I hope you don’t take this as a spoiler) It wouldn’t be our Luffy if he didn’t. I just hope that we get to see some awesome One Piece-style action.

The movie will open in theatres across Japan starting this December and will be the second one the mangaka himself is overseeing.

Source: Anime News Network

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