UK Monday Releases: Samurai Girls and Nabari no Ou

Manga Entertainment has announced the dates for the DVD/BD releases which will swarm up on the UK market starting next week. Samurai Girls and Nabari no Ou are the two titles discussed.

Samurai Girls is a comedy-action anime about the alternate era in Japan where Tokugawa Shogunate is just everlasting. The final version of the show is 12 episodes long and is released in two variants: three-disk DVD and 2-disk BD. The rating given to Samurai Girls by BBFC is “18” for strong sex and sexualized nudity. Just keep this in mind when you decide the cute cover seems like this show would be a great present for your 3-year-old cousin.

Nabari no Ou is an old-school puzzle for me. The show is a definite rip-off of Naruto but has some pretty neat and attention0deserving story lines of its own. Action, a lot of ninja and mysterious abilities are involved in this 26-episodeTV anime series.

Source: Manga Entertainment

Is this great news or not-so-great? What do you think? Comment below.

4 thoughts on “UK Monday Releases: Samurai Girls and Nabari no Ou

  1. Can’t say much about Samurai Girls for obvious reasons, but I’ve seen Nabari No Ou and I may say it could’ve been great, if someone developed the story some more.
    Don’t see it selling a lot of copies, though.

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