Black Rock Shooter Anime to Be Streamed Worldwide

Black Rock Shooter the anime is gaining popularity long before it was even mentioned as an actual project. Now, knowing not only that it will exist, but an exact date for episode 1, a lot of news, and good that that, are coming to our ears and eyes.

Black Rock Shooter is about… Hell, I am not explaining this! You all know about the cute-looking girl with the bazooka! The other part i great graphics and probably – even greatest soundtrack.

What is important is that the Japanese streaming engine Nico Nico Douga will be streaming the episodes worldwide with 8 different subtitle choices for the viewers.Naturally, of course, ‘worldwide’ doesn’t exactly mean ‘in all countries of the world’, but more like ‘in a country on each continent’. WHat I mean is that certain subtitles will be available in some regions and not all countries on Earth will be able to see them, even if it says ‘worldwide’. To see what I mean written with facts, here is the full list released by Nico Nico Douga:

English will be available in the United States, Canada
French will be available in France, Belgium, Monaco, Switzerland, Andorra
Italian will be available in Italy
German will be available in Germany
Spanish will be available in Spain, Mexico, Chile, Argentina
Korean will be available in South Korea
Traditional Chinese will be available in Taiwan
Simplified Chinese will be available in Mainland China, Singapore

Japanese citizens will not be able to view subtitled videos.

While episode 1 will premiere in Japan February 2, the stream in all these pretty language will be available just a day late r- on the 3rd.

Source: Anime News Network

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