Sakamichi no Apollo Unites Cowboy Bebop’s Director and Composer (Video)

Sakamichi no Apollo is the new project of the ‘Cowboy Bebop Dream Team’. Director Shinichirou Watanabe and composer Yoko Kanno are returning to work together this time for this coming-of-age story. Additional information and a promotional video can be seen below.

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The story remind me, somewhat, of the one behind Bakuman. We have two different boys, different in many ways, share a passion, though this time it is all about jazz and not manga. This is an adaptation of Yuuki Kodama. Recalling the music from Cowboy Bebop, I cannot help it but smile, thinking that this work will be a real candy for the admirers of this specific music genre. Seemingly, even composer Kanno is a big fan, too:

“In youth, jazz. This is the work I had been waiting for the most. By all means please listen to the sounds of these young prodigies performing that I can hear from the manga, the beat of their life. ” is what he said in relation to the new project.

The other person who is a part of the ‘dream team’ is Watnabe-san, who is also excited about it, more of the fact that it will be his first adaptation and that he will be working with Kanno-san again than the jazz itself, but it is still a positive feeling:

“Actually this is the first time I’m doing an adaptation. When I read the manga, I thought, ‘This is something I should do.’ I’m making it with the feeling of having jam sessions with Kodama-sensei and leveraging the distinct flavor of the manga.”

Other staff  :

Script: Ayako Katou , Yuuko Kakihara (series composition for Persona 4)

Character Design: Nobuteru Yuuki (Maken-ki!, To Terra)

Chief Animation Direction: Yoshimitsu Yamashita (House of Five Leaves)


The project is expected in April, 2012.



Source: Comic Natalie you can also check the official website of Sakamichi no Apollo


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