Brave10 Episodes 3 and 4 Previewed (Video)

The Barve10 staff has launched two special videos that are something like a preview for the next two episodes of he show – 3rd and 4th.  Brave10 episode 3 will be called “Valley of the Whirlwind” or Senpuu no Tani while episode 4 will be titled “The God’s Soul” or Kagami no Tamashii. Videos and additional information can be seen below.

Episode 3: Senpuu no Tani (Valley of the Whirlwind)

Bandits, a bridge to nowhere and an adventure with Yukimura entwined in the Tokugawa history – will the young priestess be anything more than a burden on the trip to a certain shrine through this valley of the winds? We will also meet with some more of Tokugawa’s henchmen.

Episode 4: Kagami no Tamashii (God’s Soul)

Saizu, Izanami and Kakei are about to reach Izumo shrine, but on their way, there is only burned out lands. Trying to decipher what lies beneath the coal and dust left after Tokugawa’s fiery assault on these lands, they find a clue to the shrine. However, Date Masamune is not going to let them past him easily as this white-haired, one-eyed dragon enters the scene.

I am still positive about the action scenes and most of the characters. Date -sama is quite unwatchable and Izanami is making this whole show into a shoujo, but I believe I will watch all episodes – to be able to give a full review afterward and to have seen all the rare, but quality fights (as I hope they will be).

Source: YouTube

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