Punk Lolita Luna Haruna to Perform the Fate/zero ED

The extremely cool punk lolita model Luna Haruna will be performing the theme song of the second season of Fate/zero. Along with her unique voice, we will also have the chance to enjoy another popular anime musician.

Another person who will be working on this project is Kalafina’s Yuki Kajiura who will play the part of a producer/composer. If you are not familiar with the female band’s songs, you better see some of their videos! They are amazing works of art and the music is also incredible. They have made music for Kuroshitsuji, Kara no Kyoukai and Madoka Magica.

Source: Crunchyroll

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4 thoughts on “Punk Lolita Luna Haruna to Perform the Fate/zero ED

  1. Kalafina’s take on “Lacrimosa” is one of my favourite tunes ever. Yuki-san is an amazing artist, so I’m really excited to hear this new ‘product’ of hers.

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