Range Murata to Teach at Kyoto Seika Uni

The character designer who has worked on shows such as Blue submarine, Shangri-La and Last Exile will teach yougn students in Kyoto about the art of creating a character and more.

Starting next year Seika Kyoto University will be opening places for students who would like to study character designing and composition. The exact date of the initialization of the courses is April 2013 and from the very beginning the artist behind Last Exile will be teaching in his new role of associate professor. If you take interest in this course, you should look at the schedules and news in the university’s Faculty of Manga, Department of Cartoon & Comic Art.

Murata sensei is one of the many great names in anime and manga history that will give their know-how to the aspiring in the new Faculty of Manga.

Source: Anime Anime

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