Megaupload Is Sued Because of Otaku!

The international phenomenon in online file sharing Megaupload has been shut down due to being sued by the FBI and the US Department of Justice for Copyright infringement. Although the site has been hosted in Honk Kong, two corporations and seven individuals have been charged in the United States.

First, let me say that I do try to be as far from politics as possible since I am coming from another dimension and do not understand it all. Also, I like my life more simplified than politics, hence, I stay away from it. Here, though, I have a lot to wonder about, especially after aligning myself with the worldwide anti PIPA/SOPA movement.

This invasion of the life of one of the biggest file and video sharing websites in the world can easily be considered a taste of what is to come if PIPA/SOPA really happen. Thanks to much of us (I appreciate all help on this one!), this will not happen at least for now. However, one of the first to go away is Megaupload.

In the list of accusations spilt over the responsible persons in the website’s staff are conspiracies to money laundering, racketeering and copyright infringement. 103 are the exact reasons given by the authorities on January 5, 2012. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Megaupload Limited, Vestor Limited and seven individuals are “international organized criminal enterprise”. Except for the companies, the people accused along are citizens of the Netherlands, Estonia, Slovakia, Finland, Germany. For the combined charges, each one of these people can get a conviction worth 65 years in prison. Considering the American legislations, this is more than 3 life sentences. The common imprisonment period for a first degree murder is one life sentence. Is Hollywood three times more important than a human life?

Among the sites mentioned in the official documents are the anime streaming portal AnimeFreak through which a user has watched Fruits Basket and has added to the harm Megaupload has done to the world… Could RapidShare be the next one in the list? Additionally, named are other main reasons (aside of the television anime Fruits Basket, I mean) for the loss of money of the big companies with the big copyrighted materials: Twilight, The Simpsons, The Matrix, Thor, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The Green Hornet and others.

This is just a foretaste of what is coming. You should be warned. I declare myself against illegal watching and reading of anime and manga when you can get it officially. I do understand that not everyone can buy all they want, that they cannot spend as much as they would love to… I feel for them and hope that prices get to be in a reasonable equilibrium with incomes in the future. I believe that the anime and manga industry has a future because it can still produce worthy material… alas, I am not as certain for the ones behind Twilight and The Green Hornet…

Source: FBI & Anime News Network
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10 thoughts on “Megaupload Is Sued Because of Otaku!

  1. Seriously , what have they done other then piss off 50 million people who will take their money to another site or find bootleg back in the streets like before the file sharing all this will do is open more pirate sites and bring the price up on bootleg in the street that 5$ dvd will now be 50$ dvd and all the internet companies will loose money if they were downloaders or uploaders they will leave the internet making internet loose money.. and now we will have hackers that can’t be touched attacking us from other countries what are they thinking martial law if their is a revolt by 50 million users or the us being sued by all the legit business users that lost tax info , customers , clients ….. this could break the usa for a long time this is a mistake and they will ruin it for everyone!!! I am not a hacker or uploader but did much downloading of documents and used for backups of qb for my business and now i lost my older qb info making it very hard for my taxes again i ask what are they thinking they are making life harder and harder for everyone but the multi millionairs thats all they want in usa which is a load of crap and will ruin what has been built over many of years!!! no more freedom they are slowly removing our freedoms one by one we can’t sit by untill the time comes they say jump and if we dont we are labled as terrorist and killed or locked up for life !!!!

    1. I understand what you mean, it is a move that hasn’t been thought of too well. I too thought about the users who actually used the site for some reason other than bootleg and illegal activities… However, I do think the site itself should’ve have some way to get those back. and the thing about taking freedoms one by one… that is already in the media all over the net – I believe many will rise about this, even more than they did in this last day before the vote.

  2. Years ago they tried stopping free file sharing and internet created the torrents – something corporate minds still can’t win against. And piracy became bigger than ever…

    Wake me up, when corporations stop being self-centered and give people some credit.

  3. They just forget
    – the tons of products that companies find ‘unworthy’ to distribute in some countries, so people, interested in them would never be able to watch/use them ‘legally’
    – the people who see stuff on Megaupload and buy official copies and/or merch
    – people who’ve watched it in cinemas and want to re-watch…

    Are they ready to loose all those people’s money?! Okay…

    1. I don’t get it too.. I thought you as a human would be able to explain (not only you personally, but other readers…). The reasons behind these actions seem so vague to me. It’s as though the big companies think that people can’t live without their projects (which are getting worse by the second) and when they cut off all free places to watch everyone from them will definitely go and watch for money. It’s just very vague and unreasonable. There just must be something else…

      1. it’s plain stupid. People won’t start paying for trash anyways. They’d rather start creating independent internet movies…

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