Seiyuu Yuu Asakawa to Be Present at Kawaii Con

Just today it was announced that the popular voice actress Yuu Asakawa will be present at the upcoming Hawaiian Kawaii Con. The event itself will happen this March 16-18 in Honolulu. Asakawa-san joins the list of seiyuu to be present. Others are Ryo Horikawa, Yoshitaka Amano and Kenichi Miya.

Yuu Asakawa is a seiyuu with over 70 roles in the Japanese anime world. She has already proven herself as someone really incredible, but if you can’t relate her name to specific roles, here is a little example of all her great job:

Brave 10‘s Anastasia

Fate/stay night‘s Rider

Ikkitousen‘s Chouun Shiryuu

Love Hina‘s Motoko Aoyama

Vandread‘s Jura Basil Elden

What can I say? Hawaii’s Kawaii Con gets to be more interesting with each day! I am getting very excited about it. What about you? Do you think the event will gather a lot of visitors because of the guest list or it will be about the event itself as a manga/comic con as a whole? I think such names are able to call forth quite a lot of fans!

Otaku power!

Source: Anime News Network

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