Second Season of Uta no Prince-sama – Maji Love 1000% Announced

During a special Uta no Prince-sama – Maji Love 1000% event held earlier today, a second season of the shoujo school anime with a lot of romantic feel has been announced. There is still not too much information on the subject, but I will try to make you as close to the action as possible.

Uta no Prince-sama – Maji Love 1000% is a school television anime series about the young Haruka Nanami and her strive to become a very successful songwriter in the Saotome Academy of performing arts. The life of the young girl who is trying to become the best writer for the best music idol is going to be quite a chaotic one since everything inside Saotome is so. Being surrounded by performers of extreme qualities and having a multi-record selling musician for a principle, Haruka becomes more and more distracted and confused. Will the Prince-sama she will get paired with be the one to show her the right path or will the ballad in her head turn into techno rhythm… there is a lot to be seen in this lovely, romantic story.

Source: Tower Anime

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