Digital Manga to Publish Osamu Tezuka’s Barbara! UPDATED

The US manga publisher and distributor Digital Manga Inc. is doing a try at releasing a never-before-published product in the States that is to be sponsored by the fans. Osamu Tezuka’s Barbara is a touching classic story that will leave everyone in awe.

“Put simply, Barbara is the story of a man caught between artistic decadence and madness.”

Osamu Tezuka

YOU can help Digital Manga Inc. to publish a very loved classic manga product that will stay in your mind forever. Osamu Tezuka’s Barbara (as well as most of his eternal works) is the latest attempt of this North American company to let to-niche-concentrated and/or especially old Japanese comics int the current day society. The story, as with all of the author’s ones, has a high historical and artistic value and should be translated in every language there is (my personal opinion). The problem is that sponsorship for such projects are hard to find, hence, the prospective publisher is asking the fans for help.

You can be one of the ‘backers’ of the project and be able to have a copy of the paperback edition or help yourself into various other items.

If the target total of $6,500 is reached by the deadline (February 12, 2012), production of Barbara will move forward. (…) If this campaign succeeds, we will translate and produce this 430+ page book in paperback in a large size:  5 7/8″ x 8 1/4″, the same size as our previous Tezuka release, Swallowing the Earth. <Digital Manga>

Help Barbara be Published in the USA by going and participating – go to Kickstarter now!

Is this great news or not-so-great? What do you think? Comment below.



UPDATE: The Manga Has Reached Its Goal! The USD 6,500 Have Been Collected! Congrats to All Who Will Enjoy This Manga!

7 thoughts on “Digital Manga to Publish Osamu Tezuka’s Barbara! UPDATED

  1. I am sorry, I mean ok – it’s a nice initiative, but fans sponsor publications anyway. We buy them, don’t we? Now we have to pay all expenses AND buy the manga/book? Isn’t it a bit far fetched to call yourself a publisher, then?!

    Sorry for the rant. It’s just what I think.

    1. The idea of the publisher is that even if they do publish this item, it won’t get sold as much as the minimal publications are and they will be at a loss. The financial situation is still too heavy to do risky business. However, most of the sponsors are getting free editions and so on, so they will get it without having to pay for publication and edition.

      1. Well, no pain no gain, you know… Publishing is a risky business. You think that One Piece’s publishers knew that it’s going to be so huge?! They never made fans act like an insurance, though.

        I do get the point, I just don’t agree.

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