Guilty Crown: Lost Christmas Game Trailer Streamed (Video)

A very special trailer has been streamed for the upcoming Guilty Crown game from the popular franchise. The entire title of the item being Guilty Crown: Lost Christmas, it will be released for PC by Nitroplus on May 31 for 5,040 JPY (about 51.20 euro).

The story of this game revolves around a heavy incident cause by the Apocalypse Virus called “The lost Christmas” due to its date – December 25, 2029. The plot itself is telling some information that can be taken as a prelude to the ongoing anime series.

Source: YouTube

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4 thoughts on “Guilty Crown: Lost Christmas Game Trailer Streamed (Video)

  1. Wonder who’s the target for that game? I mean…I’m quite an avid gamer, who’s prone to trying odd productions, but come on! Is it made for girls? Really young boys…? I wonder…

    1. The sound of reason… It’s aiming at young boys, I believe. Those who like ecchi and are not melancholic classic titles lovers.

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