Yamato Ressurection’s Director’s Cut Preview Streamed

A 270-second preview video of the Space Battleship Yamato Ressurection  has been officially streamed on the website of the Yamato Crew. The video shows us the Yamato space ship itself engaging in varius battle as well as some of the characters.

You can see the video HERE.

Some of the innovations in this remake of the 2009 anime film will be a new soundtrack, new ending and also some new sequences.

The story of the original 1974 TV anime series revolves around the battleship Yamato that has been revived in 2199 after being last used in the World War Two. The new movie is set 17 years after the fall of this space ship – in 2220. The craft is revived for its extreme powers are needed once more in order to save humanity from the threat that is putting its shadow over everyone and everything.

The Space Battleship Yamato series were also dubbed and partly rewritten in North America back in the late ’70s of the past century. The title it was given in English is Star Blazers.

Source: Yamato Crew

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