Laboon and Bepo from One Piece Turned into Lamps!

The charismatic non-human characters have been decided to be the next official furniture additions to the One Piece’s special items’ list. The images and information was initially shared on several shopping websites. The design and production is handled by Namco Bandai Group’s Plex.

For those of you who don’t know the stories of Laboon and Bepo: Laboon is a whale that lives in the very entrance to the Grand Line – Reverse Mountain. It is a sad whale for when it was very small, around 50 years in the past, it became a crew’s nakama, receiving a promise of return from the ship’s pirates… however, the ship and his nakama never returned, hence Laboon is crying desperately at the entrance of reverse mountain (and some other things, but I am not such a spoiler).

Bepo is one of Trafalgar Law’s crew and also has a very touching (ahem…) story behind his existence and so on. I am not spoiling it too. After all, it is present in one of the later arcs, so it will be a big spoiler.

Source: Comic Natalie

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