Koiyuki and Kenichi Matsuyma’s First Child s Born!

Koyuki is a beautiful Japanese actress who made her career valued by anime and manga fans by acting in the live-action movie based on Blood: The Last Vampire. Although she has many other pretty good  roles (including in the internationally appreciated The Last Samurai), I am very happy to speak on another topic here…

I don’t know how many of you, otaku readers, were aware that she is a couple with another Japanese actor, but for those of you who didn’t have any idea of that, here is some additional information on this:  her soul-mate is Kenichi Matsuyama. He has also participated in many live-action adaptations of anime including Death Note, Gantz and NANA.

The two lovebirds have managed to not only keep and preserve their love, but have just strengthened it with the appearance of the new member of their family – the baby boy that was born this Thursday. This is the couple’s first child and I am wishing them a long happy life filled with pleasures and smiles, their boy to become a genius in whatever he chooses in the future and that the parents are able to see it progress and watch over him, to be healthy and always there for him.

Source: Anime News Network

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5 thoughts on “Koiyuki and Kenichi Matsuyma’s First Child s Born!

  1. Of course I know they’re a couple! :3 They’re both so pretty! I’m sure the baby will be perfect!!! Congratulations!!!!

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