Akira Live Action Movie on Hold

There is a certain issue with the production process of the live-action Akira movie. The pre-production has been shut down, but this is not the end of the entire project, say websites Variety and Deadline. The studio currently in charge of the film, Warner Bros, is requesting that the script by David James Kelly is rewritten. According to the statement given by WB, they will be working with a quickly hired high-end writer for the remake. There are no certain names to be announced, but according to the rumours Jonah Nolan (The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises) and Michael Green (Green Lantern) are two of the better possibilities.

The deals with the two prospective actors for the main role of Tetsuo have ended this week, meaning there is actually no reason for the studio to keep the production dates as initially stated. However, without a screenwriter, actors and other things, I don’t know how would they be able to start shooting on the pre-announced date of March 5.


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5 thoughts on “Akira Live Action Movie on Hold

  1. Kinda sad actually. Akira is one of the few anime I find to be suitable for a big movie… Not with that cast they suggested, though.

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