January 8-9 : The Otaku Power Takes Over Akihabara!

50 shops will be participating this the planned otaku paradise event in Akihabara this January 8-9.  The  “Akiba Daisuki! Matsuri 2012” (“We Love Akiba Festival”) will happen in the most popular shopping destination among anime, manga and game fans throughout the Japanese Coming of Age holiday. The huge event will be placed within the Belle Salle Akihabara and will be joined by not only the main sellers in the district, but also the more uncommon ones. Maid Cafes, games goods, remote-controlled toys and a lot of anime and manga will swarm up the lands of Tokyo.

Since a lot of live performers will also take part in the Akiba Daisuki! Matsuri 2012, the event is planned for a live broadcast too.

If you have the opportunity to be in or around the Japanese capital on January 8-9 – DON’T MISS IT! I am certain it will be great!

Source: Asahi

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