The First Issue of Easy Going Life Mangazine is Out! (Shinigami-sama included)

You can READ the mangazine or DOWNLOAD it.

I don’t know what to say except that I am fascinated by the first issue of the Easy Going Life Magazine (or mangazine). It is focused wholly on the fans, it has marvellous works and some pretty fun comics too!

In this issue:

-we meet with the multinational squad of manganiacs who have overtaken the hardships in order to be helpful and resourceful.

-ME!!! Yes, I have made two reviews for two of their works in progress – Gengsta and Be Heun.  I am the second section of the mangazine! *ahemnotproudatallahem*

-We also laern that EGscans’ team can not only translate manga and manhwa, but also write! The Rewritten section is marvellously done. It is obvious that these guys don’t take their work as such, but rather as something much more fun!

-Meeting the staff and seeing them in… COMIC VERSION! *ahemsodidn’tlaughattallrice’sentranceahem*

We can also find: 4-koma, a special play script (;) )Noblesse, Crepuscule, art contests winners, a crossword puzzle and more!


11 thoughts on “The First Issue of Easy Going Life Mangazine is Out! (Shinigami-sama included)

    1. I just did… I chose an old and developed story and a rather not-so-well known story (since it was written some time ago, now it’s found its fans once more). To be honest, I prefer the Gangsta one, although it is a long way away from quality manga.

  1. WOW! They sure did a great job – the design’s great and our Shinigami-sama’s reviews are as great as always. :)

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