UN-GO Review: A Battle Between Good and Bad

UN-GO is a story about the private investigator named Yuuki Shinjuurou, who is working on various crime-cases, trying to find the truth and only the truth. Although it is what his name suggests (Shinjuurou vs. Shinjitsu), his original role in life hasn’t been this one, however, after his encounter with the mysterious Inga, he has become probably the best detective in the post-apocalyptic world of UN-GO. The story involves also the very able, but unscrupulous detective Rinroku Kaishou and his daughter. Kaishou-san is the opponent of Shinjuurou in all of his greater cases, but at the end always makes his story more reliable and comfortable for the government, even if it’s not the truth… Thus, Yuuki gets his nickname “The Defeated Detective” being always defeated by Kaishou’s more convenient solutions.

The story has a lot of potential, but did it manage to hang onto the fame it received before airing? It ended up more like a fight between being a good anime and being one really bad show.

The story, based on Ango Sakaguchi’s novel Meiji Kaika Ango Torimono-chou, was the first thing that grabbed me in the very beginning, before having seen even a trailer of the show. Crimes, detectives and mystery – all that gives me goosebumps because of brain exercise. I gave up, I was caught at once in the story of a mysterious and unknown relationship between the two main characters, a battle of minds between two detectives and a lot of crimes. However, I wouldn’t know that the detectives wouldn’t make anything to actually fight with each other, because Kaishou’s ideas will always be accepted no matter how absurd they would be and how obvious for everyone present would Shinjuurou’s truth be. Also, I wouldn’t know that the director’s daughter, Rie Kaishou, would become the young love of the main character (even though it was not presented directly). I wouldn’t also know that the ‘big fight’, the great conclusion will not have anything to do with the previous two-thirds of the anime. I mean, come on – they could’ve just left the last 3 episodes alone and it would’ve been a lot more reasonable of a story.

Another thing I wouldn’t know and wouldn’t like if I knew, is that the so-called great detective Yuuki Shinjuurou is actually an absolute idiot – he never manages to actually say who and why was the culprit without the help of his supernatural and inhuman partner Inga.

I am blabbering here, spamming the space with my venting, but in reality, the show was a fail. It wasn’t crime because the crimes were either not happening or were absolutely ignored for the sake of the supernatural sub-theme of the show. It was not fantasy, because the effects and influence of the supernatural beings in there could be felt only in the last three episodes. It wasn’t complete because the only part of it was the last 3 episodes, all the other ones were a waste of time – useless to the main story (if there was any), lacking any reason and … they looked like one-shots, but were supposed to be ‘really good’.

I am very disappointed with the show as a whole because I was expecting something really good or at least good, instead I got 8 episodes of mediocrity and 3 episodes of an attempt to fix it. Yes, I liked the last episodes, but the show itself was made out of 11 of them and they need at least half of them to be good to make me feel alright with it.

The graphics were cute, I liked them even. I liked the character design and I liked Inga and how he can change forms and styles. Even though I am not a lover of sexy-looking onna, I liked Inga’s female shape. I loved his boy one too; it was remarkably well-drawn and cute.

The show was slow-paced, a thing that everyone can allow themselves to have in the first 10 episodes… if they will have 40 more that is.

Okay, so, for me UN-GO lost the battle of good versus bad and was definitely a bad experience. I will continue to like the stories by Ango Sakaguchi, I will cherish the idea of Inga and I will once again fall into the trap to be fascinated of an anime just because they say it’s crime, however, it will be although UN-GO and not because of.

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8 thoughts on “UN-GO Review: A Battle Between Good and Bad

  1. I will jump on the bash train too. It was clumsy, illogical and odd. The only thing I got about this “detective” is that he:
    – has weird sexual interest towards stuffed animals and under-aged girls
    – is jealous of Kaishou and his jealousy is clouding up his mind
    – doesn’t have a goal
    – is a total idiot

    Also – the great Bettanou. What was it anyway?!

  2. I agree with you, Shinigami-sama. Would just like to add that there was no genre even. Some of the crimes were utterly impossible for human beings, while others were totally trivial.
    I also didn’t get how no one saw how odd Inga is – grabbing people and making them talk… “You can do nothing but answer her question”. Whaaaaat?! Really hope the anime’s just misinterpreting the story…for the sake of the author.

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