TOP 5 Most Read Articles on the Shinigami List in 2011

The year is over, and I have to make some sum-ups. My little was created in the late August, got its own domain and stuff about two weeks later. Since the very start of the blog, I have posted more than 500 times. I have tried to make a vast list of information about anime and have created some posts that I would call ingenious. Yes, that’s me, humble as ever.

Yet, the most read posts, as the statistics show, are highly related to some of the most popular anime shows. Ouran High School Host Club, Guilty Crown, High School DxD and Bleach are all in the list of the TOP 5 most read posts on this tiny little otaku place for the past year.

1. High School DxD Trailer Streamed (Video)

This is the most viewed posts in here for the past few months (since the blog exists). I don’t know what caused it to be as liked, but I am thankful for all of you who came up to read it exactly in here. High School DxD is an upcoming show that will definitely grab the hearts of all the ecchi and fun-loving otaku.

2. Harukaze by Scandal – new Bleach OP

This news article is all about the news of Bleach anime’s new opening theme song. It was posted before the show returned to being canon with the fullbring arc with Scandal’s “Harukaze”.

3. Winter Anime Season 2011/2012: High school DxD UPDATED

High School DxD strikes back with a second involvement in this list. The winter anime previews have had a great success and I am planning on doing this for every upcoming season too. I hope you’ll like at least half of the preview I make as much as you like this one. I am trying to have casts, dates and preview videos (as long as any official ones are foundable) in each of them.

4. Guilty Crown – Manga Adaptation
Square Enix’s announcement of the manga that will be based on the popular Guilty Crown fall anime is what made everyone smile, especially the fans of the show that is.

5. Welcome to… Ouran High School Host Club: Live-Action Movie (Video)

This is the article about the announcement that a live-action movie of the extremely popular high-school comedy anime Ouran High School Host Club is to be made. The video inside is of the lovely cast, in-costume, that not only enjoying the atmosphere, but also causing the fans to enjoy it too.

Many posts were liked, love and commented a lot on, but I will do even better next year, after all, I am starting from January. I want to wish you all the best of happiness and prosperity in the upcoming years, starting 2012 and come back to read about all the anime and manga stuff here. A lot more is up my sleeve – reviews and preview are coming up. I am also trying to work on more interviews with popular otaku-world related people!

Also, I need to add something I shouldn’t have omitted: Thank you all for the comments! I always love reading them and comment as soon as I find something I can be useful or mate-y about! I promise to give you interesting stuff to read too!

10 thoughts on “TOP 5 Most Read Articles on the Shinigami List in 2011

  1. Actually, I prefer some of your other posts (charts and reviews mostly), but it’s great you’ve managed to grab some of the traffic surrounding these. That means that even though a Shinigami, you sure know how to write… ;)

  2. Because you were one of the first to post about High School DxD. And I’m sure your post was the best written. That’s why so many people found it.
    Keep up the good work!

    I would love more interviews too ;)

  3. You’re amazing, Shinigami-sama! I wish you even more success in 2012 and I totally agree we need more of those fun and smart previews! :)


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