Seiyuu Kaori Nazuka, seiyuu of Nunnally Lamperouge, Has a Baby Girl!

It seems like these days the seiyuu of Japan are having the happy news all the way. After Yumiko Kobayashi’s baby, the voice actress of multiple main roles in different anime including Code Geass’ Nunnally Lamperouge, Soul Eater’s Tsubaki and Eureka Seven’s Eureka, has also given birth to a sweet and charming little girl.

This is the actress’ first child and was born with the healthy weight of 2,888 gr.

I wish to the entire family a great start of a great, long life with a lot of love, happiness and most of all – appreciation. Money, luck and whatever else the leprechauns can give them too!

Source: Click image to see announcement

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UPDATED due to my very attentive reader Demyx!

8 thoughts on “Seiyuu Kaori Nazuka, seiyuu of Nunnally Lamperouge, Has a Baby Girl!

    1. yes, that is true… I thought you made a mistake, but it is actually starting this January 23rd! So cute… I bet the Chinese nations are going to be giving birth to little cutseys all year-long. After all, Black Water Dragon is a child for millions!

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