Welcome, everybody, to the new 2012!!!


This is my last post for the year of 2011 and I am going to make it short and sweet…

I am wishing everyone to get all the bad things done in the first half of 2012 and start up all the new and positive ones in the latter half, so that the prophecy of a new beginning at the end of 2012 is realized. Also, I am hoping that whoever doesn’t have anything negative around them will stay that way forever. I am wishing to all of you a ton of happy events, many smiles and a lot of reasons to feel warm inside.

I, as a shinigami, wish myself a lucky year in 2012 and even luckier in the next few years. As a resolution, I am putting up just a few little things: keep up the anime and manga world alive through my job; make the Shinigami List bigger and better; come to know all kinds of otaku and be able to present you all with something really unique and lasting.

To you, I am putting up the resolution to never give up.

Now, for the sake of it, once more:


Sincerely yours,

9 thoughts on “Welcome, everybody, to the new 2012!!!

  1. Happy New Year Shinigami-sama~

    I wish you the best for 2012 and hope I’ll see many more of your great posts, news and reviews this coming year! Good luck and thanks for the hard work!

      1. Hundreds of years? :) *unaware of the shinigami’s lifespan* Hope you’ve got plenty more, since you look extremely young… :)

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