Seiyuu Yumiko Kobayashi Has a Baby Girl!

The voice actress Yumiko Kobayashi has given birth to a baby girl!

The child is 2.171kg and was born on Wednesday, December 28th. The small weigh and size of the daughter are due to the fact that she wasn’t expected until after January 20th, but even though the early birth, both the mother and child are in a good health and happy, at least the mother that is, judging from the cute announcement she has given us. The small thing is probably either sleeping or crying all the time yet, so… Yeah. ince the name of the girl was to be decided in the last month of the pregnancy, she is still nameless and called simply “Jr.”.

Yumiko Kobayashi has many important roles around the anime world including Angel Beats!’s Ooyama, Love Hina’s Sarah McDougal, Shakugan no Shana’s Matake Ogata and Soul Eater’s Black Star.

It’s a very nice thing to have people birthing instead of just perishing, especially when you’re a shinigami, births are something quite rare to have around you. I am wishing the little Yumiko Kobayashi (jr.) and the big Yumiko Kobayashi (snr.) to both have long, happy lives without any huge problems neither financial, nor health-related nor love-related.



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