Comic Market 81: Videos from ManTan TV

One of the most expected uploads in YouTube (at least for me) has finally come (it hasn’t been late at all, to be honest…).

ManTan TV has given us two awesome anime cosplay groups to watch and one not so awesome, all three shot at the latest Comic Market 81 from the Tokyo Big Sight event happening in the artificial island of Odaiba in the Japanese capital.

The charming miss Yunmao Ayakawa is cosplaying Tiger&Bunny’s Blue Rose hero while presenting to us the awesome cosplayers of Rrouni Kenshin and Persona 4: The Animation. The third video is also of three Americans visiting the event and doing their best at cosplaying Luffy, Nami and Zoro from One Piece.

Here is the group of Persona 4: The Animation. I just can’t stand the kawaii-ness of the shyness of Yukiko Amagi’s cosplayer!

Here are also the Rurouni Kenshin fellows: Kenshin-san has a great sword, everyone! Wait ’till the end to see it unsheathed.

And lastly – the American three, cosplaying One Piece’s characters. I have to give kudos to Zoro’s guy for the green hair!

I am flly aware that I am being rude here, but I just can’t stand it when people cosplay like this – nami hasn’t even drawn the tattoo on her skin, but rather on some kind of a sticker. Luffy is wearing the I-have-no-idea-from-where suit. Zoro is cool, though… But I missed the three katana – would’ve been a really good cosplay if he had them!

There are a lot more videos of the popular cosplay icon Yunmao Ayakawa, lolita-style, presenting various other stuff around the venue. You should check out the uploads from ManTan TV!

Source: YouTube

Is this great news or not-so-great? What do you think? Comment below.

7 thoughts on “Comic Market 81: Videos from ManTan TV

  1. Yunmao’s adorable and so energetic! Love her, she’s a good writer too. :) As for the cosplayers – no surprise I’m also a fan of the cute Persona group – great costumes and maximum presence.

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