Original Digital Manga: Vampire Hunter D

Emanga.com presents you with a very special Christmas and New Year present – Vampire Hunter D, the manga adaptation of the novel series, for free reading on the website.

Vampire Hunter D is one of my all-time favourite stories. It revolves around a vampire hunter of unknown and unmatched abilities, calling himself with the single letter “D”. Riding a mechanic horse with many modifications and being a symbiotic organism himself, D is one of the most mysterious existences in the post-apocalyptic lands where the action takes place. Reminding of Hellsing and being already accepted by the large public as a classic, this is a great read for all the fans of vampires, horror-actions, battles and a bit of sci-fi. The original novels are written by Hideyuki Kikuchi and illustrated by Yoshitaka Amano and are definitely a thing that every fight-fan and also otaku should have at least read if not have in his or her library. Moreover, the movie and manga adaptations are something I will always love to watch and read.

Other titles included in the catalogue are: Princess Princess, Replica, Astro Boy adaptations and a lot more (including lots of YAOI and SHOUJO!!!).

Keep in mind that there are also French editions on the website, except the English versions (Volumes 1 through 4, though)!

As you can see, the special free streaming of the series is for a limited time only, that is why I am quite in a hurry to announce it, so you can grab and read them as soon as possible! The event runs from December 24th until January 8th, so, there is not too little time left but not a lot either. It is a special campaign for the release of the 6th digital volume of the edition. Although the novels are also available on the website, they are not included in the offer.

If you’re interested in the site or future events and purchases, here is how the system works: you purchase points through their website, with which points you can later order various manga. The different titles go by different prices (in points) and the prices are quite the same as if you buy paperback copies (at least from what I have seen and counted).

This site has various special campaigns such as the current one – Vampire Hunter D by Saiko Takaki available for online reading entirely for free as well as different manga with free samples. Also, another great reason to check out this page is that the team accepts submissions by aspiring authors and you can try becoming the new face of the manga in the store. As it is visible on the store page and all, there are lots of new and unknown names, at least to me, so you can always try to be the next one. Considering the big audience and the big publishing company behind this project, it is certainly not an opportunity that should be missed out on.

Just so you know, the company behind this site is quite a big international name in the manga circles (Digital Manga Inc.) It is also the original publisher of the adaptation, working together with the novel’s writer Hideyuki Kikuchi himself. I have checked all I can on the site and I should say that it is a pretty reasonable way to get your hands on an original, legal, translated version of your favourite manga series in high quality scans/images. Actually, we can also try and help out the new and aspiring authors by purchasing their works too, not only the already acknowledged ones. I will definitely have a look at the many free samples around this website… It is very easy to get to them, hopefully I will find something worthy for a Shinigami’s eyes, too.

The images are linking to each of the previous five volumes of the English versions of the free-for-reading Vampire Hunter D manga adaptations.

Source: emanga.com

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    1. I also love stamped editions, but there are countries where no legal issues are available and this is a good reason to get the digital one. I always try to promote legal copies, you know… AT least when there is a good price for it, I bet it’s reasonable to consider it.

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