Mangaka Hiroya Oko: Gantz Will End in 2012

Gantz is without a doubt a very popular and read manga series. It has been going on for about 12 years now and it is a huge surprise that the creator of the story, Hiroya Oko, has decided to end it exactly in the Year of the Dragon (according to the Chinese zodiac). However, even if we don’t agree with this, the manga has been in its so-titled “Final Phase” for more than 3 years now (since 2009) and hearing talks about its ending is somewhat expected.

The note by the author of Gantz was placed in the special double 6th/7th edition of Shuesiha’s Young Jump magazine, coming out next year.

Seems like the story of a gang of reanimated humans that take on heavy and seemingly eternal missions, working for someone they do not know, will finally be having its farewell with the fans. Still, if (when) there is something new by Oko sensei, we will definitely at least grab the first volume to see if the greatness will be preserved.

Just to inform you all: the 33rd volume of the manga will come out in Japan next month, while in North America, the translated 20th volume was released by Dark Horse Comics earlier this month.



Source: Manga News Japon

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