Winter Anime Season 2011/2012: Thermae Romae

News after news, after news… Anime world knows no Christmas! It’s a good thing I don’t too!

The first of today’s articles will be about the very lovely show Thermae Romae (you can see a previous post on the matter HERE) that is stated to begin broadcasting January 25, 2012 on Fuji TV’s late-night Noitamina block (it will actually be the first flash-anime to be there!).

The cats is as follows:

The anime will be an adaptation of Mari Yamazaki’s original manga that tells the story of an architect of public bath houses in ancient Rome – Lucuis. At some point in time, he discovers that he can travel to different modern-day baths in Japan.

FROGMAN as Lucius
Hiroki Touchi as Marcus
Akio Ohtsuka as Hadrianus
Tetsu Inada as Planning Office Head
Naoya Uchida as Old Guy at the Public Bath
Hiroshi Shirokuma as Consul Lepidus
Kana Ueda as Yamaguchi (Showroom Woman)
Asa Ueno as Narrator

Director: Azuma Tani
Script: Azuma Tani and Mamoru Nakano
Original creator: Mari Yamazaki
Character Design: Toshimitsu Takechi
Chief Animation Director: Toshimitsu Takechi
Executive Director: FROGMAN
Flash Animation Director: Koutarou Yamawaki

[gigya src=”” quality=”high” width=”550″ height=”400″]

I don’t know what I can expect from this. It can either be over-the-edge comedic and be too specific for my or somebody else’s tastes or it can be made with class and represent a very good comedy that everyone will enjoy. For now, judging from the trailer of the upcoming live-action animation of the same original work,  can say that the visuals could be a bit overdone for me, as a creature who prefers to have some things unsaid. However, not being a fan of even Gintama, you can say I am just not sewn for comedies and that is the reason for my negativity.

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