Peacemaker Kurogane Review: The Underrated Shinsengumi Anime

Whoever saw it, liked it. That’s a statement valid for about 90% of the viewers of Nanae Chrono’s “Shinsengumi Imon Peace Maker” anime adaptation.  What’s it all about? Toshizo Hijikata “The Deamon Commander” of the legendary “doomed warriors”, known as the Edo Shinsengumi, the units he led to protect the Shogun and the Samurai pride. All that mixed up with a young boy’s dream…

As I’ve said already, it’s the boisterous era of the last of the samurai warriors, where supporters of the Emperor are against those of the Shogun, people interested in Western culture are chased by avid traditionalists. Namely the family of two boys, Tetsonosuke and Tatsonosuke Ichimura, falls victim to the bloody chase against everyone who talks, acts and sees differently, using weird English words and references. Being the older brother, Tatsunosuke becomes the responsible parent for little Tetsu. Few years later, when he’s about to become a bookkeeper for the Shinsengumi a.k.a. The Wolves of Mibu, Tetsonosuke gets inspired by the dream to become one of those mythic warriors and avenge his father. What follows? Pretty historically correct tale of comedy, humour, drama, beautifully animated swordfights and some unforgettable meetings with Hijikata, Okita , Kondo, their units and the brave sister and brother ninjas Ayumi and Susumu. Their archrival is Toshimaru Yoshida – the charismatic leader of the Choushou rebels, avid supporters of the Emperor.

Believe me, you will laugh at least once, whether it’s on Hijikata-sama’s haiku writing abilities or at Tetsu’s clumsiness. You will also feel your heart pumping when seeing those amazing wills clash through a katana fight. You might also cry, if you’re that kind of a person.

To be honest, aired in 2003-2004, the 24-episode anime doesn’t have any haters. It’s safe to say, though, that compared to other similar stories like the “zombie pimped-up” and totally historically incorrect “Hakuoki”, for example, “Peacemaker Kurogane” is almost unknown to the most of the otaku world.  You’ll say that’s because it’s not as good, but I beg to differ. It’s better. Just most viewers are not ready to face a group of man, ready to fight for an ideal that is not connected to their romantic involvement with a woman. People are not ready to accept that human beings, not magic creatures, can be as brave, reckless and deadly. Adding the fact that the manga’s creator Nanae Chrono suffered a sickness and couldn’t draw for a while, as well as the problems the manga’s publisher Tokyopop, recently had, I would like to think that “Peacemaker Kurogane” is not famous simply due to the lack of advertisement and promotion.

To finish the review, I will ask you to give this anime and manga a chance. If you want to witness a Shinsengumi story, with almost no nonsense, you’ll fall in love with “Peacemaker Kurogane”. Unlike “Hakuoki”, though, it will NOT take you to the zombieland of reverse harem… Sorry.

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By Death Scythe

6 thoughts on “Peacemaker Kurogane Review: The Underrated Shinsengumi Anime

  1. You know what? I’ve neglected it for ages, since some dude told me it’s shounen ai. Saw the manga at a friend’s place and got surprised, since he’s not the shounen ai type :D Read a chapter and loved it. I’ve bought them all since then.
    The moral is: never trust your friends on manga/anime without checking it out yourselves. ;)

  2. Haven’t heard of it…but sounds so great! Will read and watch it…if I’m able to, having in mind it’s by Tokyopop. :(

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