Yoshikazu Yasuhiko to Launch Ten no Kechimyaku Manga

Ten no Kechimyaku (Heaven’s Blood Line) will be the new manga series by Yoshikazu Yasuhiko. After the end of his decade-long Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin this June, there was barely any information about the creator. This new announcement, though, suddenly made the weather brighter by coming directly from the February issue of Kodansha’s Afternoon magazine where the mangaka will have published his upcoming new project probably starting next year.

The story of Ten no Kechimyaki is about history, archeologists and the strive of Japanese people to understand what really ties their country and ancestry to the Koreans. The truth being written on a unique epitaph in the city of Ji’an, found on the northern side of the Yalu river that separates the Korean peninsula and Manchuria. The action takes place in the year of 1903, six months before the eruption of the Russo-Japanese war.


Source: Manga News

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